Cosmic Grid was founded in the year 2016 by Dr. (Mrs) Nasiem Alwani & Sachin Vaidya and having its' presence across two locations in Mumbai India.

Dr. (Mrs) Nasiem Alwani is qualified allopathic Doctor and anaesthetist and  has worked extensively in trauma care for large government and private hospitals across Mumbai  and abroad over the period of more than 21 years.

Dr. (Mrs.) Nasiem Alwani is having unique blend of Modern Medical Science and holistic healing practices that includes Quantum Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Clinical Sound & Frequency Healing and Soul Akashic Records Reading and Healing & Counselling. This uniqueness helps to identify and treat the patients from the root rather than symptomatic treatment.

Sachin Vaidya is an Associate of Electronic & Video Engineering with Bachelors of Business Management and also certified for Sound & Frequency Healing. 

Sachin has worked extensively in the areas of Information Technology and Information Security in the BPO/ITES Industry working as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Director and Associate Principal levels for Private and Public Listed Companies.

Sachin does focussed trainings, mentoring for Corporates, Educational Institutes & Individuals on human transformation and raising consciousness using Cosmic Energy.






At Cosmic Grid, the focus is on cleansing of the Mind and Body by working on the Energy Fields and aligning the energy fields with the Universal Energy's. Our Energy fields when not in alignment with Universal life forces, manifests into Psychological  issues like Depression, Negative Thoughts, Fear, Guilt, Anger, Overactive Mind, Living in Future/past, Insecurity of Future, Constant Worrying, Lack of Self Confidence, low on creativity, Frustrations, Agitation and lots of internal restlessness, unable to manifest or achieve desired results, unable to progress financially and relationship issues at home and Office.  These lower emotions if not cleansed then converts into Physical Diseases in human body over a period of time. 



The blanket of lower emotions sometimes becomes so thick that person is unable to think and act and gets into survival mode. This mode further pulls the person down as he is now in state of constant grudge and brooding over the past and starts to worry about the future. This over accumulation of "Lower Emotions" over period of time creates Energy Blockages in Mind and Body causing disruptions in Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career and Even Academics making anyone to go crazy and get into states of down in the dumps.


Energy Fields Cleansing of the Mind and Body also cleanses Karmic Blockages, curses, spells, bindings, auric attachments, wows, cords, hooks of past and discordant negative energy’s. This cleansing aligns the persons to the Natural Cosmic Forces thereby attracting success in Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Finance, Creativity with Happiness Joy and Peace.





Mission Awake

Serve For Goodness

1) 1/84 Om Heera Panna Mall, Oshiwara Andheri (West) Mumbai India 400058

2) 225 Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai India 400076

Tel: (022) 400.313.87

M : +91  9004688267


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