Cleansing Past Energy Blockages - Karmic Healing


1. What is Karma

A. Karma's are our own deeds that we do. These deeds could be of this birth or coming up from many past lifetimes.

2. What is Karmic Cleansing

Karmic Cleansing is all about get over our past Karmas that is creating blockages in present. Those Karma's comes in form of blockages in Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career etc. Objective of past Karmas coming is not to cause any suffering but to learn and grown and finally get liberated. But we all make a misery of the situations at hand and that builds Frustration, Anger, Stress, Resentment etc. Thereby causing more misery in present.

3. How can know about our clients Karma's (Deeds)

All actions that we perform, or even the thoughts and emotions are all recorded in one big database. This database is for there for each person for his/her entire lifetimes (all births) of this person (Soul). Even now you are reading this FAQ, and what thoughts and emotions are coming up within you are also a part of this massive database. This database is called as AKASHIC RECORDS.

4. What all does AKASHIC RECORDS contains

Everything! What is the current birth number, how many past births, What relationship he has with his current family members, Friends, Enemies in this birth or past, What karma's or learning is there for this soul (Individual) with his near and dear ones and what the soul (Individual) wants to learn in this births, His past deeds and how they are IMPACTING NOW IN PRESENT. What purpose or life mission the soul (person) has come to this planet Earth and is he in alignment that objective.

5. What more does AKASHIC can tell us.

It clearly shows why there are certain blockages in your present and what kind of blockages are they. For e.g. someone might not be doing well with his Finances or Certain Court Matters are taking too long, Or Frequent Health Issues, or issues related to Child, House etc. It gives clear linkage of current issues and what deeds of yours in past or present have invited these blockages that you are facing now.

6. What more blockages can a person have

This is bit technical. Our own deeds of past/present also invite other blockages like Auric Attachments, Unnatural Seals and Implants, Wows, Curses, Spells, Bindings, Cords and Hooks of Past and Discordant Negative Energies making misery at levels in present life. These blockages brings massive limitations in present life and drives any person crazy. These blockages are in very subtle energy form around us or within us but no medical imaging equipment can detect these being very subtle in nature. An Individual attracts these blockages again based on own deeds - Karma's.

7. Can our deeds be corrected, and all blockages be removed

Yes. All above blockages can be removed up to 80 %. Rest 20% is kept for person to work upon. But getting most of Karmic issues removed brings huge relief. Caution - Post Cleansing, If an Individual keeps on repeating the same mistakes/behaviour/harming others etc then he will again fall back attracting more misery in life. These must be a complete transformation in the way his thoughts/emotions/actions are and should be aligned for betterment of self and others.

8. How soon I will see change post cleansing

Individual must work up on himself too bringing the desired changes within him. Sometimes results are seen immediately and in some individual, it takes around a year also. It depends on how intensely you are working on YOURSELF post this cleansing. There will be clear guidance given in terms of how You must conduct yourself and what areas to watch for.

9. Can I Undergo this Karmic cleansing process.

Past Karma cleansing is completely upon where you are in standing presently. We need to ascertain first if the guidance is coming positive for you to undergo this process. Individual has to wait many lifetimes sometimes to get the past Karma's removed as their Karma's are quite heavy and there is a lot of learning to happen and so the intensity of suffering or the situations need to continue till the time of his realization.

10. How this process of Karmic cleansing happens

We just get into meditative state and start reading your AKASHIC Records. Once you have made to realize where you are going wrong, then the correction process starts - Deleting past Karma's. Biggest part is our own realization - so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes of past. This process happens in 2 to 3 sessions of 60-90min each. And these 2-3 sessions may be spread across 1 or 2 months. Many times, if the person is karmically lighter then all gets over in first seating as well. It depends what a person is carrying - in terms of his karma's.

11. How do I register for this process.

First, you need to WhatsApp your recent snap for us to check your eligibility. This usually take 1-week time. We then give the date and time best suited for your work. Please note that everything is guided even the dates. So, there is not much flexibility in terms of dates once given. Or we can look for a new date again based on guidance.

12. Can this process be done Online

Yes. But for 1st seating we recommend doing face to face. As work happens faster. Subsequent sessions can happen Online.

13. Post this process, how can I keep going without building bad Karma's

Increase Awareness. This can also happen by Meditation. Certain powerful meditations can be shared that will ensure your alignment with life energies thereby keeping you in highly aware states - Like you know what you are thinking, what thoughts are comings, with meditation practice a person can get into a state where he can decide if any thought must come or not. Right now, we don’t have much control on our minds and continuously processing some information stored in our memory without our consent. If one has to get absolute control over his life, then Meditation is the way forward.

14. Anything else.

If you are reading this, maybe there is chance life is offering you to move ahead because of your certain good Karma's. It’s up to you how to make use of this chance for your own betterment.

Thank You

Sachin Vaidya, Dr. Nasiem Alwani

Powai, Andheri

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