Happy Gudi Padwa

Happy Gudi Padwa and Best Wishes for All.

Every situation on this planet will ultimately lead us all to our life mission and for the purpose we have come here.

Everything on this planet is an opportunity to get to our life purpose. We either evolve or get too involved its a choice we make.

*निर्भयता*, comes first in those 3 golden words as we know. Next is *संगठन*, that is gather all your energies which are scattered (too much negative news, mental clutter) and then is *आनंद* when the energy starts to rise within and we start living in present with Joy.

Associations matters most as we know. So if one Meditates more and associates with the pure loving energy of divinity then there is only Love within and there is no place for fear, panic and uncertanity.

With Love inside then our association is with the most loving and migthiest - The Creator and so we enter into zone of infinite possibility. Its like think and you get.

For this, we all can Meditate more and get our associations right for next 21 days with love and faith. Its an opportunity given to all of us for sure to get evolved !

Lets make *The Right Choices* and rise above all our limiting situations or challenges.

✨Om Anand Om✨✨

*निर्भयता संगठन आनंद* 🙏

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