Shield Yourself !

Get into High Vibrational Alignment with the Cosmic Forces and shield Yourself.

Year 2018-19 witnessed high natural disasters of large scale right from the Indonesian Tsunami, California Wild Fires, Hurricane Michael & Florence, Japan flooding and Mudslides, Australian Floods & Fire, Jordan, Oman & Israel’s Flash Flood to name a few.

One of the primary reasons behind these large-scale calamities is due to vibrational and electromagnetic changes on planet earth due to earth plates shifting. Weather events continues to get more and more intense with each passing day and millions get impacted and world feels helpless to watch them from far.

Now with the latest pandemic of Corona Virus the world is again going through a turmoil.

Ancient Indian Science has given humanity all the tools and techniques for betterment & wellbeing of our mother Earth and for us.

As we know each mantra when chanted generates certain frequency and vibrations.

One such high vibration mantra for wellbeing OM GOKUL NATHAY NAMAH

The vibrations created by this mantra elevates vibrations of planet and the people, by cleansing and aligning the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, thus helping the overall situation on the planet earth suitable for all us.

This mantra protects each individual species on planet earth and mantra vibrations influences the whole Cosmos and gives high vibrational fields to all of us. Thus, our solar system gets the positive high vibrations thereby planet earth also receives vibrations of love, compassion, peace and protection. The persons chanting this mantra will equally benefit in terms of above positive vibrations.

OM GOKUL NATHAY NAMAH mantra can be chanted for as many times at individual level or in groups.

Every individual and group can make the difference by contributing to wellbeing of planet earth and getting protecting shield by chanting in small groups of 8 to 10 people. This chanting will also make your energy fields around you stronger thereby keeping you and your family safe.

For those not able to chant above mantra then reciting La Ilaha Illallah will also generate high vibrational fields around you thereby giving protecting shield. Reciting can be done for as many times at individual levels or in groups.

It’s time to raise our individual vibrations and that of planet earth so we receive vibrations of Love, Compassion, Peace and Protection.

Cosmic Grid

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