The present ‘lockdown’ has been both, sudden and unexpected. We, as living beings, by nature are inbuilt to move freely. With the global spread of this disease, the need of lockdown at this time is undoubted as the priority is to SAVE human life and flatten the curve for public. However, we can sensibly choose to utilize the lockdown period, especially in context of our health and immunity. Thus, my motivation to write this article - spread awareness to develop a resilient immune system, protecting oneself from the disease, during and post lockdown. There are some relevant factors that strengthen our immunity - healthy diet, fresh air, stress-free and happy environment, meditation and few more. Taking responsibility at an individual level and making people aware of the real crisis will be the key to success. We are yet in the stage of research for the treatment. There is a big question not just for me, but definitely for many people also. Are we really ready to face the days ahead post lockdown? Most of you will agree with me that we need a better solution during and post lockdown. Almost every minute, there are updates on global death rate due to COVID19 but think wisely, there are far more deaths in the world due to diseases, accidents, calamities, etc. It's just that we aren’t as aware of these numbers. Now, just imagine how these number of deaths inflict our mind with FEAR, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, trauma and panic. This present scenario of crisis will adversely affect the health, psychology, immunity of an individual and yes without a doubt the economy too. Let us face the reality, the Virus will continue to remain in the Air, but we have the option of fortifying our immunity to safeguard ourselves from the disease. Presently, numerous doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, Municipal workers and many volunteers are risking their lives and families to serve the society. In light of this, a thought arises, how strong are they to combat this disease. Hence, the most crucial aspect is building SELF-IMMUNITY and prevention of the disease. On basis of my medical experience and in-depth discussions with experts (Ayurvedic Physicians) on the signs, symptoms and molecular structure of the virus, I personally think the following Ayurvedic medicines facilitate to increase our immunity and support to prevent the disease. Undoubtedly, there are other pathies with immunity boosting medicine. I have tried and tested these Ayurvedic preparations on myself. Infact, I have advised these Ayurvedic medicines to clients, professional groups as well as my near and dear ones, and they are all taking these medications. Recently, I volunteered and distributed the same to, (a) nearby police station: 250 bottles each of these two medicines were accepted after proper evaluation, (b) 36 member community volunteer team, (c) slum with 126 tenements during an orientation to raise awareness Building Self-Immunity Doses of the following medicines: 1. Giloy Ghanvati (by Ashtang I personally take this) Dosage For Adults: 1 tablet twice a day for 15 days After 15 days - 1 tablet once a day for a month Later, you may continue as per your doctor’s advice. 2. Sudarshan Ghanvati (by Zandu I personally take this) Dosage For Adults: 1 tablet twice a day for 07 days (For people full time staying indoors) OR 1 tablet twice a day for 10 days. (For people on Field - Serving or exposed to COVID19 patients/conditions) Following (for both - People Indoors and on Field) : Following: 1 tab once a day for 14 days, Following: 1 tab twice a week Following: 1 tab once a week. Thereafter, on SOS basis only, if symptoms like fever, cold and/or bodyache. For DIABETIC patient, Giloy Ghanvati Dose: Same as Above Sudershan Ghanvati Dose: 1 tab daily 7 days, Following: 1 tab twice a week Following: 1 tab once a week Then SOS as per doctor’s advice. SUGAR LEVELS to be checked when on Sudarshan Ghanvati. "Diabetic to AVOID Sudarshan Ghanvati if "FASTING" to be noted". "FASTING" Person: (Non-Diabetic) Giloy Ghanvati Dose: Same as Above. Sudarshan Ghanvati Dose (Non-Diabetic) : 1 tab daily 15 days Following: 1 tab twice a week Following: 1 tab once a week Then only take if you require, incase of body ache or feeling feverish. 3. For Kids D-Vyro syrup of Swasavin is good. Dose: 2.5ml once daily below 5yrs 5ml once daily between 5yrs to 10yrs 7.5ml once daily 10yrs to 15yrs. All medicines to be taken after food only. Above medicines not to be mixed with other medications, minimum gap of 30 to 45 minutes. Note (a) Pregnant and lactating mothers to take medical advise before taking any medicines. (b) Patient on blood thinners should take only under medical supervision. (c) Avoid in G6PD patient. (d) Dosage for children below 12years should be under medical advice & supervision. (e) These medicines, with proper dosage, are very beneficial for the immunity and have no side-effect(s). However, as a note of caution one will need proper medical advice and supervision for dosage. (f) These medicines are available with Patanjali, Baidnath and others. Disclaimer: The views expressed are purely personal and should not be construed to be endorsing any product and/or service and/or choice of treatment of medicine available. Further, the views are with the intent to benefit people by sharing knowledge and awareness. However, Viewers / Readers are advised to seek proper medical advice / prescription from a registered medical practitioner and this article / views expressed should not be construed as a substitute to a medical advice or prescription. For any further general reading, materials are available on the Internet and viewer/reader discretion is highly recommended.


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