Radically Stronger Life


5.5 Hours

Dec 28,2020


Often, we keep waiting & hoping for better time, bigger Opportunity and Higher Outcomes and days turns into weeks and weeks into Years and we find ourselves just waiting while the people around us have moved ON. This waiting and watching makes the person anxious, stressful and very soon his entire life - Professional or Personal gets into a fearful state thereby not taking any decision and goes into Frozen State where person is merely coping to live his everyday life. This traumatic state makes the person go down in dumps leaving him with no enthusiasm, productivity nor any creativity. This is the state for most of us just trying to cope up with life somehow.

For those who want to rise from such states quickly, take charge of their lives, those who want to perform to their peak potential of their productivity and creativity and create the life of their choice & are open to work on themselves - For those committed individuals we are there to walk along with you.

Its our Mission to Awaken and Spread the Goodness and so You are invited to join this mission and also spread the light.

Radically Stronger Life (RSL) - This workshop is focused on how we can start to perform at our best and attracting better Life, People, Situations & Opportunities in our life and be more creative and productive.

For Higher Outcomes, we need stronger Mind, Body, Emotions and Energy and they all need to be free from the blockages. We create our own blockages creating hurdles for own

success and going down the spiral. 💫

This workshop will equip you with needed understanding and learning the secret knowledge that has been given to humanity for the first time on how to clear the blockages on your own. The more you work on clearing the internal blockages the more you become

Happy & Joyous and this in-turn helps to attract higher Outcomes. ⭐ 💫 ⭐


Product Manager

Lisa Rose

HR Lead

Kevin Nye

Customer Support Lead

Alex Young